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PDTH is the most comprehensive studio in the north for pole dancing, aerial acrobatics and ballet.

In our studio you will find a professional and experienced team of instructors that knows how to get you to a high level of performance and also enjoy the ride.

Classes are suitable for all ages and all levels. 

From the variety of lessons that await you in the studio:
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Pole Dance

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New in the studio! 

Level 2 pass certificate in pole dancing

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In preparation for the opening of pole dance classes at advanced levels in the studio, we are holding an "examination" for anyone who would like to participate in these classes. 
The audition tests the trainees ability to perform all the basic elements.

There are no failures in the audition! 
With the certificate you will also receive an appendix that lists all the elements and the performance level of each element. The audition and the appendix are designed to give you a picture of the situation ahead of the advanced classes and help you understand what you still need to work on.

In the future, it will be possible to receive a certificate through a personal exam that can be held in a private lesson.

Good luck to all!


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