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Pole Dance Theater

Why theater?
Because our studio is not just about pole dance. Although pole dancing itself is already an extraordinary field, we place emphasis on combining art, pleasure and beauty of dance along with the development of the required fitness. 
Each dance is a small show, a play on characters. Each dancer is also an actor who takes to the stage with a smile or tears and searches for new characters, and sometimes for himself.
Our studio is not the work of one person, but a combination of an excellent team that comes from different fields that complement each other. Each of the team members brings with them a different field and rich experience, and together we create a place where each and every one can find a field that suits her or him and take it to the next level.

Welcome to meet our wonderful team...

Valeria Yusim

A woman whose life is all about dance.
Master of ballet, choreographer, professional dancer from head to toe.
Actress, athlete, coach, studio owner and mentor for us all.
There is nothing she can't handle!

Alina Bazazhina

Fitness instructor for more than 15 years,
Russian champion in pole dance in 2014,
Israeli champion in pole dance in 2016.
Regular participant in international competitions in Israel and abroad.
Her strong character is shown in everything
  that she does.  Leading instructor of the pole dance in out studio. 
A coach who really dances!