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Division to Levels in
Pole Dance Dlasses

At our studio, we adhere to a methodical approach to all disciplines taught.

In particular, pole dance classes are also divided into levels, in order to allow all the trainees to get the most out of the class.

Classes marked "level 2" are intended for more advanced training, the class is more intense, and requires the ability to freely perform all the basic exercises.

The requirement comes to allow the team to build more complex lessons, under the knowledge that trainees already master the basic material, and in addition to maintain the safety of all trainees.

 In order to receive a certificate for completing the first part of the study, and permission to move to the advanced group, trainees must pass the attendance test from the studio instructor (usually done in a private class).


Here is the list of exercises required to move to level 2.

Pole Dance Intermediate Level .jpg

* For additional clarifications contact the studio team

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