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What to bring to the first lesson?

Pole dance class - shorts and tank top / sports bra. Working on the pole requires skin contact so we are always dressed in short clothes. On the day of the lesson itself it is recommended not to put any body lotion to reduce the degree of slipping on the pole.


Exotic lesson (pole dance with heels) - tights and knees. There is no obligation to come to the first class with heels. Bring socks so you can slide on the floor and when you  feel ready you can purchase your first heels.

Aerial acrobatics classes - short sleeves shirt or tank top and long tights.

I'm not fit / I'm not flexible, is pole dancing right for me?

Yes! All of our classes are suitable for all levels. Our instructors know how to adjust the appropriate level for each one. Remember we all start from the beginning.

Is it possible to start with an exotic dance (on heels) without knowledge of pole dancing?

Yes! No prior knowledge is required, just a desire to dance! You can learn everything you need in the class itself. In each lesson we will work on a short dance and practice it, everyone is welcome to join. 

Note that exotic classes are divided into two levels. The class intended for beginners is a level 1 class. Level 2 classes are intended for girls with experience in the basic movements of exotic dance.

What is aerial / anti-gravity acrobatics?

Aerial acrobatics is a diverse sport that includes dancing with an aerial hoop, tissues and aerial yoga. 

Working against gravity and body weight is suitable for all ages and all levels, strengthens all body muscles, helps with flexibility and posture and of course provides great pleasure! 

What are level 2 lessons? Am I suitable?

The group is not intended for beginners!
In the description of each level2 class you can find the prerequisites - the material that must be known as a prerequisite for joining the class. 

For more details on advanced classes in the field of pole dancing, go to Here.

These classes are held with a fixed group, and the material studied is spread over several consecutive classes. 

Please note that new members will first feel that they do not know the material, the integration within the group is more difficult, and the instructor will not respond to an explanation of previously learned material for the benefit of new members.
The advantage is that after persevering for a few lessons, new material that has already been learned will come more easily, you will start to be part of the group, and you will be able to see rapid progress.

Joining the class is designed for having perseverance and a strong character.

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If you have any further questions, you can contact us  Here  Or by phone (also on WhatsApp)  054-544-9828 - Valeria

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