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Health policy and declaration

When registering for activity in the studio, each participant declares and approves the studio's regulations, general health statement and corona health statement.

Studio rules

During hours when the studio is closed and there is no human response, a message can be left in the voicemail and we will get back to you. Contact phone 0537170333


Participation in classes:

  • Registration for classes is based on availability and by prior arrangement with the reception staff

  • It is recommended to come to classes in comfortable clothes

  • Mobile phones must be turned off / off before entering the class

  • Your health is important to us, so if you are late, you can enter the class up to 10 minutes from the beginning, so that you can participate in the warm-up and prepare your body for the class and in order to prevent future injuries.

  • The opening and existence of a class is conditional on a minimum number of registrants

  • Cancellation of class - at least 24 hours before the date. A rate that is not canceled on time will be charged a fee.

  • With two weeks' notice in advance, you can cancel the subscription / card and receive a relative refund after offsetting the benefit refund from the list price.

  • Only in exceptional cases will it be possible to cancel a subscription, such as in the case of moving an apartment outside the city backed by the relevant documents. Or in the case of a medical problem that prevents the performance of a permanent exercise backed up by the relevant documents from a specialist doctor.

  • There is no retroactive refund.

  • No card / subscription freeze. Medical freeze - In case of a temporary medical limitation that prevents physical activity, a medical freeze will be allowed as required and subject to the instructions of a specialist doctor (not a family doctor) in presenting the relevant certificates up to a period of six months.

  • There is no retroactive freeze.

General Health Statement

I'm not pregnant .

  • If so, I undertake to notify the coach in advance.

  • If you are after giving birth, you must present a medical certificate from a gynecologist stating that you are fit to return to physical activity.

  • I undertake to notify in the event of a change in my health condition

  • I do not suffer  From health problems that may limit me during exercise such as: (knee, back, shoulder problems, joint problems, herniated discs, etc.).

  • If so, I undertake to notify the studio coach in advance.

Corona Health Statement

  • I declare that my body temperature is below 38 degrees Celsius

  • I declare no cough

  • I declare the lack of difficulty in breathing

  • I declare a lack of contact with a verified corona patient

* The regulations and health statements refer to all the lessons in the studio - pole dancing of all kinds, exotic dance, aerial acrobatics, aerial yoga, ballet, flexibility

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